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Terry County Office:

Appraisal District637-2151
Adult Probation 637-6146
County Attorney’s Office 637-4984
County Judge’s Office 637-6421
County Sheriff 634-2212
County Clerk’s 637-8551
121st Judicial District Clerk 637-4202
County Commissioner’s  
Precinct#1 Mike Swain 637-6421
Precinct#2 Kirby Keese 637-6421
Precinct#3 Shorty Martinez 637-6421
Precinct#4 John Franks 637-6421
County Treasurer’s Office 637-3616
Driver’s License 637-2312
Justice of the Peace 637-4757
Motor Vehicle Registration 637-7534
Property Tax 637-6966
Tax Assessor/Collector 637-7534
Voter Registration 637-8551
City of Brownfield 637-4547
Atmos Energy 1-888-286-6700
Residential 1-800-336-4699
Commercial 1-800-843-9214
Brownfield City Hall 637-4547
Chamber of Commerce 637-2564
Brownfield ISD Administration 637-2591
Brownfield Post Office 637-3412
Library 637-3848
Vol. Fire/EMS Dept. Non-emergency 637-6633
Emergency 911
Local Newspaper:  
The Brownfield News 637-4535
Habitat for Humanity: 763-4663
Abuse Hotline 1-800-799-7233
Child Abuse Hotline 1-800-843-5678
Domestic Violence Hotline 1-800-799-7233
Poison Control Hotline 1-800-222-1222
Texas State Offices:
Texas Dept. Of Agriculture 1-800-835-5832
Texas Parks & Wildlife 1-800-792-1112
Texas Natural Resources  
Conservation Commission 1-512-239-1000
Federal Offices:  
USDA - Natural Resources Conservation Services 637-8092
USDA - Farm Service Agency 637-7666
Law Enforcement Agencies:  
Terry County Sheriff’s Dept. Sheriff’s Office 637-2212
Emergency 911
Texas Dept. of Public Safety 637-2312
Local Banking Institutions:  
Sundown State Bank 637-7712
Lone Star State Bank 637-2531
American State Bank 637-2551
Brownfield Federal Credit Union


Meadow ISD Administration 539-2246
Meadow City Hall 539-2377
Meadow Post Office 539-2315
Wellman ISD Administration 637-4910
Wellman Post Office 637-7666
Area Hospitals/Doctors:  
Brownfield Regional Medical Center 637-3551
BRMC Clinic:  
Dr. Dennis Tedford 637-1955
Dr. Paul Chebib 637-1955
Helen Hoover, NP 637-1955
Brownfield Family Physicians:  
Dr. Christopher Hisel 637-0344
Dr. Michael Hord 637-0344
Dr. Roy Kendrick 637-0344